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My First Love Making Experience


My first sexual experience, with an older woman next door. What starts as hot lust, becomes much more as I begin to find myself caught in a dangerous game.

I push in and out of her slowly to begin, scared of what might happen if I ejaculate inside of her. Her moaning gets louder and her nails dig into my back, driving me crazy… My First Love Making Experience…enjoy reading!


I lift my head out of my palms and look up. Sandra’s curvy hips are right in front of my face as she begins to stitch up my head wound. Her tanned belly shakes slightly under her frilly white low cut top and I can see her red lingerie peeking over the top of her denim jeans. She smells like cinnamon and as her warm hands caress through my hair all I want to do is reach out and hug her around the midriff.

I’m suddenly awoken from my reverie-

“You’re so dirty, and that cut needs a clean. Come on Will, I’ll run you a bath” she says.

The sound of those words coming out of her luscious red lips sends a tingle down below and I try to conceal my rising cock as she grabs my hand and leads me upstairs to the bathroom.

Watching her round ass moving side to side in front of me is enough to make me explode in my pants but I contain myself as she squeezes my hand before walking on ahead of me through the door.

“Close it behind you darling”


I had just returned from boarding school for the Christmas Holiday, having just completed school; and Mum was tired of me lounging around the house.

“I deserve my rest Mum, it’s been a long year and I need time to reflect.”

I wasn’t reflecting though, and I wasn’t bored either. I spent my afternoons in a world of lust as I peeked out my bedroom window overlooking our neighbour Sandra’s pool.

Sandra was a 32 year old divorcee; and I had pinned after her ever since I saw her sunbathing topless when I was nine years old.

She took her daily swims at 2:00pm sharp and I was never late to the occasion. Each afternoon I died, and was born again as I jerked off to those big tits barely fitting into her bikini. She had creamy, thick thighs and a tight stomach, and as I imagined my big cock sliding between her I erupted all over my window sill.

She drove me crazy. She smiled at me once when she came over for coffee with my Mum and I almost came right then and there. I probably would have if Mum wasn’t right there next to me.

“Well you’re not going to bum around the house all day, you need to stay busy, and earning some extra money for your textbooks won’t hurt you either” says Mum.

I did not care what she was saying; Sandra’s boobs were still in my mind. I imagined her wrapping her legs around me and pulling me in towards her in the Jacuzzi.

“Sandra was telling me”-

“Sandra?”  I suddenly blurted out.

“Yeah Sandra was telling me how clogged her roof gutters have become, and she really needs a hand.”

“Needs a hand” I thought. My body was tingling again.

“Go over tomorrow and help her, tell her I sent you. It will be good to get to know her and I’m sure she will pay you” finished Mum.

“Yeah cool, sounds good Mum” I reply vacantly. Sandra was blowing kisses at me in my mind wearing nothing but her lingerie and an unbuttoned business shirt.

2:00pm came the next day though this time I was not waiting nervously at my window; I was at Sandra’s front door.  I took a deep breath and knocked. That’s it, I was committed. The blood was pumping in my ears as I heard the footsteps coming down the hallway.

The door opened and there was Sandra. Wearing a white bikini and thong, her hair hung carelessly over her breasts as she looked at me curiously for a moment. Then she smiled and spoke.

“Hey Will, your Mum told me you were coming over. Come in.”

I followed her in and could not believe how close I was to her ass, after only admiring it from my dark room for so long. Her thong was wedged right up between her cheeks.

“Sorry I was just about to take a swim” said Sandra.

“I know” I think.

“I left the ladder out in the backyard, and a bag for the leaves. Get started when you want, and help yourself to the fridge.”

I spent the next few hours cleaning the leaves out of the roof gutter. But really, it was no different from any of my other afternoons as I snuck a glance at Sandra every chance I could. I could see her nipples through her wet bikini, and her tits bounced teasingly as she towelled off and went inside. I wore an extra set of boxers as a safety precaution, but my dick was still threatening to burst straight through my board shorts.

“I wonder when she will come out again. What will she be wearing?” I thought to myself. I had only ever seen her in swim gear.

The hot sun was baking my neck, and I began to descend the ladder to get a drink of water when it suddenly collapsed on itself and I was flung backwards onto the concrete tiles by the pool. It happened in an instant and all I remember was the searing pain on my scalp, feeling the wound with my hand and seeing blood on my fingertips.

“Sandra!” I yelled urgently.

She came rushing out with her hair still wet, wearing a white tummy top and tight jeans. I was seeing stars, literally.

“Oh my god Will, what happened? Are you okay? Come here” she yells.

Sandra bent over to lift me to my feet. Her cleavage swinging as she did so before she led me to a chair on the patio.

“Ooh you’ve got a nasty cut sweety, let me get some dressing and needle and thread to stitch that up.”

Sandra used to be a nurse before she got married, I remember mum telling me after one of her coffee visits. This only added to my fantasies.

She returned with her equipment and began to stitch up my gash.

“This may hurt a bit Will” she said softly.

“You can do anything you want to me” I thought.

She had the softest touch, so warm and caring. I was her naughty little patient and all I wanted was tear off her clothes. She threaded the last stitch and told me I needed to clean up before taking me upstairs to the bathroom to run me a bath. She went inside and turned on the hot water. As the steam billowed from the bathtub Sandra turned and smiled at me.

“Close the door behind you darling”


I obediently close the door and my heart is racing. My mind is in overdrive imagining all sorts of things but my feet remain still and rooted to the floor.

What now? I think, beginning to panic.

“Take your clothes off honey, and hop in the bath, the water is ready” says Sandra, sitting calmly on a stool beside the tub apparently unaffected by the situation.

I take off my shirt and the two layers of boxers as my cock flops free. I move towards the bathtub and see Sandra looking at me. This, and the thought of her seeing me naked gets me excited again and I’m so grateful to get into the water under the bubbles.

“That’s better isn’t it?” She says, smiling at me and putting her hand on my shoulder.

“Yeah, thanks” I reply weakly.

The water is nice, and we sit in silence for a few minutes before she grabs a scrubbing brush and soap.

“Stand up, let me clean the dirt of you.”

My erection had gone down after sitting under the water; however I fear what might happen when she starts touching me. I stand up and the bubbles slide down my body as Sandra fixes her eyes on me. My penis gets larger as she starts to scrub my body gently. Her face is expressionless as she moves her hand across my thighs and cleans me slowly and methodically.

My dick is now fully erect and is inches from her face. Her nose accidentally scrapes the head of my cock as she stands up to wash my chest, and I let out a whimper.  I was now face to face with her; she smiles, and carries on with the process.

Sandra continues for several minutes, then puts the brush and soap back in the cabinet.

“Thanks so much for your help today Will, sorry about the ladder. If you want to help out again tomorrow, the lawn needs a mow if you’re interested”

I’m breathless.

“Yeah alright cool, yeah. Same time?”

She smiles again and walks out the door, leaving me alone to ponder what just happened and what the hell might happen next.

I go home and hop straight into bed without saying a word to Mum. My cock is aching and is begging to be unloaded. I wrap my hand around my erection and begin to rub up and down. I think of Sandra washing me, her nose scraping my dick, her big red lips…

I shoot straight into my sheets, in repeated bursts. My body relaxes, my penis descends slowly. I can’t wait to mow the lawn tomorrow.

Knock Knock. Sandra opens the door again and doesn’t say a word this time. She is wearing a navy blue swimsuit, which makes no effort to hide her big breasts and hips. Her expression looks lazy, dazed, and sad almost. She looks sexy.

“Lawn mower is ready to go in the back darling.”

She saunters through the house, teasing me with that ass. I dutifully set about the lawn and hedges, while Sandra reads by the pool. As I finish the lawn and begin to trim the hedges, the doorbell rings and Sandra rushes into the house. I hear murmurs from inside, then raised voices before Sandra comes out on to the patio arguing with a man.

Her ex husband. I had seen him before. They lower their’ voices and he looks over at me suspiciously. I was wearing no shirt due to the heat; and I look away innocently, pretending to inspect my handiwork. He storms back into the house and I hear the front door slam.

Sandra turns to me, “Sorry about that honey. Men are”-

“Jerks?” I offer.

“Not all men” she replies, smiling. “Great job on the lawn, the hedges look brilliant darling”

She walks back towards the house, turning when she gets to the door.

“C’mon Will.”  She invites.

I was very dirty today. I follow her hungrily upstairs to the bathroom.

The water is already running and this time I need no invitation. I take off my clothes and once again feel Sandra’s eyes fixed on me as I walk past her and get into the tub. She gets out the scrubbing brush and soap.

“Stand up honey.”

I stand up, my cock dripping wet and dangling low in front of her. Her eyes widen slightly, and I can swear I see her bite her lip. She begins the routine, washing from my thighs up to my arms and chest.

“Very dirty today.  Also looks as though you could use a tidy up down there” says Sandra, smirking and gesturing her head downwards.

My pubic hair had grown considerably over the past year since I hit puberty and I am a little embarrassed by her reaction.

“I’ll take care of that, don’t worry sweetie” says Sandra, sensing my bashfulness as she bends over once more to grab some shaving foam and a razor from the cabinet under the sink.

She lathers my groin area and lower stomach with the foam sending vibrations throughout my body. I shudder.

“Relax honey.”

My penis slowly starts to harden as she shaves me clean and close. I am tingling all over as she works her way around my dick. I am now fully erect, and throbbing. Her eyes, directly in front the head are utterly focused on the task at hand as she completes her last strip.

She stares at my cock for a moment before looking up at me with her big brown eyes.

“All done.” She says cheekily, giving my shaft a short kiss.

My body shivers and I let out a moan. My cock swollen and throbbing violently, I stare straight down her big boobs, and see the side of her nipple out of her swimsuit.  I want to reach out and touch her.

She kisses me again and her eyes darken. She slowly wraps her hot red lips around me and begins to suck backwards and forwards. My eyes roll back in my head as she works her mouth faster and deeper while she scratches my stomach with her long red nails. She reaches down and starts touching herself, moaning. My breathing becomes heavier, and I can feel an almost painful pleasure rising inside me as I instinctively grab her hair, cumming hard into her steamy mouth.

Her legs quivering, Sandra gets up and wipes her mouth.

“Thanks again for you help Will, you should get home for dinner” says Sandra softly. She leaves and closes the door.

I collapse back into the bathtub, so relaxed I feel like I could fall asleep. My mind is racing.

“Did that really happen?”  I think. That was the most incredible feeling. So intense and unique I can’t describe it or replicate it to myself. All my fantasies had just come true in the last few moments. I stand up, dry off and get dressed. Sandra is nowhere to be seen as I descend the stairs and head for the front door. Reaching out to turn the knob, my hand stops mid air.

I hear a door close, and the shower turn on. My mind switches off and I feel a crazy rush of blood as I stride back upstairs to the bathroom. I peak through the door and see Sandra peeling off her swimsuit. Unaware of me watching, her breasts break free, and the garment drops to the floor to reveal her bald vagina. She hops in the shower and closes the door.

My dick is banging against my pants and my heart against my chest. I push open the door quietly, take off my clothes once more and approach the shower where I can see Sandra washing herself with her back towards me.

I take a deep breath and open the door. She must have heard me, though she doesn’t turn around. I grab her around the hips and press my boner up between her thighs against her clit. She gasps, and turns around. Her expression is empty, cold and ruthless as she kisses me hard and grabs my cock, sliding her hand back and forth. I feel those big soapy tits and kiss her back before she turns around again and grinds her ass on me. I throttle her, squeezing her boobs hard and kissing her neck as she starts to pant, grinding me harder. I’m about to cum when she suddenly stops and whispers in my ear.

“I want you to fuck me”

She turns off the taps, and takes me into her bedroom. It smells of incense. The curtains are drawn and the lights dimmed. I wonder if this was planned. She clambers onto the bed and spreads her thick legs inviting me towards her. I lay between her and my cock touches her pussy for the first time. It is so hot and moist and its strong steamy scent burns my nostrils.

“Is this your first time honey?” she asks.

“Yeah.”  I reply, my heart racing. “Do you have protection?”

She reaches over and opens the drawer of her bedside table and gets a condom out. They must be her ex husbands’.

“Come here Will.”

She grabs my cock and starts to slide the condom on but it stops rolling halfway and breaks as she forces it further.

“Sorry” I say. My dick was throbbing so hard I thought I broke it.

“No not your fault honey” she says, her eyes widening. “It’s not gonna fit.” Her face curves into a dirty smile. She tosses the condom aside and pulls me back towards her, trapping me with her legs. She sucks my neck, then starts biting my ears gently before letting me slide into her, inch by inch.

Pure bliss. I can feel her entire body reacting to me, as she quivers and gasps.

“Ohhh fuck me Will”

I push in and out of her slowly to begin, scared of what might happen if I ejaculate inside of her. Her moaning gets louder and her nails dig into my back, driving me crazy.

“Fuck me deeper, I want to feel you in my stomach” she yells.

I grunt and thrust my entire cock all the way into her vagina. She wails and grabs my ass. I lift her leg up and start pumping her hard and deep, getting faster and faster as my balls slap against her ass.

“I’m cumming” she screams, as a white discharge starts to form on my dick.

“Don’t stop baby”

I continue burying my penis into her, as hard as I can and she begins to shake uncontrollably.

“Cum inside me, I want you” she screams, sinking her nails into my back.

This sends me over the edge. I don’t care about anything, my mind has flown away and all I want is to impregnate Sandra and grant her wish. I manage one more deep thrust as that painful pleasure washes over me and I empty my cock into her.

I collapse onto her and we lay, panting in a heap of sweat and fluids. I stay inside her, and can feel her pussy relaxing as my dick throbs painfully.

“I want your cock everyday” she whispers in my ear, then kissing me dirtily.

“I’m going to fuck your brains out for the entire Christmas Holiday. You better get home to dinner; tell your Mum I said Hi.”



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